Here at Westside Company, we have two main components of our business that we have been providing to the Los Angeles community for years.


Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing is imperative to maintaining the health of your deck, home, or business and preventing expensive water damage. Not only can water damage destroy thousands of dollars worth of personal items, but it can also ruin the very structure’s integrity itself. Keeping your waterproofing up-to-date is a fantastic preventative step in saving yourself from the massive headache of water damage. All too often we get a rush of phone calls once rainy season starts and people realize that they have leaks or can visibly see moisture pooling. Cases like these are usually much more expensive to repair than if the customer had just gotten their deck, home, business, etc. waterproofed before the start of rainy season. Having been in business in the Los Angeles area for countless years now, we are familiar with all sorts of waterproofing techniques and what your individual situation will require. Feel free to contact us with a question or to request a free quote for our waterproofing services.


Decking Services

Southern California seems to be the land of decks and balconies. However, often times maintenance of these structures can be overlooked. Westside company’s decking services include walls, floors, railings, stairs, decks, breezeways, and of course balconies. We don’t build decks from scratch, but Westside company does specialize in repairing decks and the other structures mentioned above. Since we also have waterproofing services we can make sure your deck, breezeway, balcony, wall, floor etc. is fully repaired, and waterproofed.