Check the Deck before the Holiday Festivities

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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are forecasted to be bright and sunny in LA. However, three days before that, it’s forecasted to be cloudy and there might even be possible rain showers. Before you use your deck for holiday parties and gatherings, it’s a good idea to check your deck and make sure it’s safe.


Check for heavy mold, mildew or algae growth on your deck. It is both a health and safety hazard. You may remove contamination by using commercially available deck and patio cleaners.


Sweep away any debris that has accumulated.


Deck railing


Maker sure your deck is mopped dry.


Keep an eye out for loose boards, protruding nails, loose screws, split boards, cracks, rotting wood or any other areas that might need repair.


If repairs needed are extensive, you might want to rethink having the holiday party on your deck. Call Westside Company to schedule a thorough inspection at 310 994 4626.