Yes! More Ideas to Spruce Up Your Deck

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Putting wide steps on your deck is a terrific transition from your deck to the yard.  Steps on the deck are a safety feature especially for the elderly and children. Deck steps don’t have to be plain or utilitarian looking. You can dress them up by lining up potted plants. Choose different types of plant for variety and visual interest and make sure they stay relatively small so that they don’t overwhelm the steps. Having potted plants on the steps is a fantastic idea especially if you don’t have a very big backyard or if your home has not a lot of landscaping.


If space is a premium, you can indulge in nature by having a container garden not only on the steps but also on the deck itself. Having different kinds of plants in pots also allows you to change the look of your deck easily by moving them around from time to time.

Spruce up your Deck
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