What’s Trending in Decks?

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In recent years, outdoor living has been steadily growing in popularity. As the concrete jungle expands, people are looking forward to spending their personal and leisure time outdoors after being cooped up indoors for most of their waking hours. More and more people are finding a renewed and well-deserved re-appreciation of nature and how spending time outdoors can do wonders for one’s well being. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in decks.

Bigger outdoor living area. Most homeowners used to be satisfied with a 20X10-foot deck with just enough space for some deck furniture. These days, the buzzword is “bigger.” It is not unusual now for homeowners to have decks that would rival if not equal their houses’ indoor square footage or multiple-leveled decks. Some have designed or redesigned their homes is such a way that the indoor living area opens up to an outdoor living area getting that much desired bigger square-footage.

(From Pinterest)
(From Pinterest)

Outdoor living. Homeowners are spending time out on their decks even beyond spring and summer. With the latest amenities in outdoor lighting, appliances, and fireplaces or fire pits, the season is becoming a non-issue as to when the best time is to be out on the deck. To even further embrace the outdoor lifestyle, one can choose to have a second kitchen on the deck with all the indoor kitchen amenities such as a grill, cook top surfaces, cabinets, counter tops, refrigerators, and sinks.

There is also a growing interest in using different areas of a deck for different purposes such as cooking, dining, sitting around the fire, relaxing in a hot tub, and/or a children’s play area.

These days, the deck is not just for spending a little bit of time to unwind and relax; it can also be where family and friends gather to break bread and spend a lot of time with each other in a safe haven.

(From Pinterest)
(From Pinterest)

Railings. As deck designs become simpler, the deck railing has now become the focal point of customization. There is a wide range of railing choices that will make your deck unique. Cable railing is one option that is gaining popularity to achieve a clean, contemporary look.

Be sure though to choose a railing that is safe and up to your local area’s standards. Though some railing designs may be a beauty to look at, it may not be very safe for you and your small children.

Lighting. There is an increasing demand for low-voltage and solar lighting to use on decks because homeowners are becoming Eco-conscious in parallel with their heightened awareness of the beauty and benefits of nature. Low-voltage and/or solar lights provides accent lighting for ambiance and safety that is energy efficient.

(From trex.com)
(From trex.com)

Deck-building materials. True to the growing love for nature, homeowners are showing greater interest in using affordable sustainable materials to building or redesigning their decks. “Green” decking materials such as composite decking are highly sought after.

You can also create pizzazz by using different materials. Varying materials create style and interest to an otherwise plain deck. For instance, glass balusters provide unobstructed views while providing style by complimenting your wooden or composite deck floor.

Using color to “frame”. Color variation to “frame” a focal point continues to increase. For example, using deck boards of a darker color to “frame” a certain area such as the seats around a fire pit can further enhance the look of your deck. It can also add to safety as it can draw attention to edges, stairs, fireplaces or fire pits, or grilling spaces and makes it easier to avoid these areas when necessary.

Focal points. To create a unique ambiance on the deck, consider installing these trending deck accessories: pergola (which also gives some protection from weather), fire pits or fireplaces and/or extra seating areas.

Water. Many homeowners find it beneficial to add a water feature on the deck. The sounds of a fountain can soothe frayed nerves. A hot tub may provide a backyard escape from the rat race. The sound of water can also drown out street noise completing the illusion of a getaway; a mini-vacation, if you will.

(From houzz.com)
(From houzz.com)

All of what’s trending in decks makes it seem that homeowners are creating a home outside their home. Most of the indoor amenities of a house may and can be found in the deck – kitchen, dining room, living room, even a den. The deck sure has come a long way from an ordinary platform with some furniture and it looks like trend of bringing the indoors out is here to stay.

Of course, today’s consumers also need their decks to be long-lasting. Since decks add to the value of your home especially if you live in the West Coast as well as adding value to your lifestyle and wellness, it is worthwhile to ensure that aside from updating your deck with some of these trending ideas, it is also updated in terms of maintenance. A poorly-maintained deck is a risk to safety as well as the home dollar value no matter how updated and contemporary it looks.

If you haven’t had an inspection done on your deck yet, make sure to get in touch with a decking contractor and schedule for one even before you start changing the look of your deck. Make sure that your deck is in tip-top shape and up to standards. A well-maintained deck will give you many more years of frolic, relaxation, and inner peace and can be a place where you can spend a whole lot of quality time not only with your children but with your grandchildren as well.

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