Waterproofing During Winter

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The cold winter months may give you second thoughts about waterproofing your basement. Don’t second guess. Wet weather, aging home foundations, and heavy rainfall are some of the ideal conditions for water leaks and putting off waterproofing can be a mistake.


If the weather goes through several freeze/thaw cycles, it can cause your house ground to expand and contract potentially making existing cracks larger. Also, with freezing weather comes ice jams in the pipes and water flow will find another path, usually the ground beside your foundation.


When warmer weather comes, it will thaw the ground around your home leaving a gap between the ground and the house where water can flow freely and leak into a weak foundation if not properly sealed.


Almost any interior waterproofing maintenance can be done during winter. Professional waterproofing companies such as Westside Company can provide you with faster repair and service during the winter season as they tend to be less busy than during the warmer months. Winter is a great time to have your basement waterproofed to get away from the crowd and to avoid worrying about a flooded basement in the spring. Call Westside Company NOW at 310 994 4626 or email us at westsidewaterproofing@gmail.com to schedule waterproofing for your basement.