Update Your Deck for the New Year

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With a new year coming up, you might want to revitalize your old deck and keep it fresh and up to date for 2016. Here are some design trends you may want to consider; but before anything else, make sure your deck is up to date in terms of safety. Consider getting an inspection by professionals. Westside Company offers this service as well as deck repair and maintenance. Call us at 310 994 4626 or e-mail us at westsidewaterproofing@gmail.com for more information.

Bring indoors out to your deck by putting couch-like chairs and outdoor sofas, rugs and throw pillows for a relaxed living room feel.

Consider putting artisan and handmade items as personalized accents such as handmade rugs, handcrafted pots, and individually-dyed fabrics.

Include natural elements in your deck to make your deck feel like part of the woods.

Make your deck a green oasis. Spread out pots and planter boxes making your deck area a part of nature.

Geometric patterns can also be an interesting design as it adds vibrancy and color to your deck.

Don’t forget: while putting accents and furniture on your deck, make sure that there is just enough load to keep your deck safe. Avoid overloading.