Tips for Controlling Mold in Kitchens and Bathrooms

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Sometimes mold isn’t caused by poor waterproofing but because of simple things that aren’t advisable to do. These tips for controlling mold in kitchens and bathrooms should help you save time and money. Westside company is a professional waterproofing and decking company that caters to many of the areas surrounding Los Angeles and Santa Monica.


  • Use exhaust fans to move moisture outside (not into the attic) whenever you are cooking, washing dishes, or cleaning.
  • Turn off certain appliances if you notice moisture on windows and other surfaces.
  • Check for leaks around the kitchen sink, refrigerator icemakers, and other sources of water. Repair if necessary.
  • Empty and clean refrigerator drip pans if necessary.


  • Use exhaust fans to remove moisture to the outside (not into the attic).
  • Use area rugs, which can be taken up and washed often instead of wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Check for leaks around basins and tubs and have them repaired if necessary.
  • Open a window when showering.
  • Avoid leaving damp towels on the floor or in laundry hamper.

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