Staircases in Period Houses

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Staircases in period houses reflect the status of the building and its owner. Details on the construction of these staircases change as it ascends. The grandest section will be in the areas seen by visitors.


Time, of course, takes its toll on even the grandest of staircases. If you own a period house or are planning to buy one, make sure that the stairs have maintained their beauty and more importantly, that they are safe.


Some signs that you may need a professional staircase contractor are:

  • Powdery deposits may be a sign of beetle infestation.
  • Creaking is often due to loose joints.
  • Damaged spindles or balusters can be dangerous, so don’t put off fixing them.
  • Worn or damaged nosings on the front of treads could be a hazard.
  • Cracks in stone stairs may indicate structural movement.
  • If there is rust staining or cracking to external stone stairs, check the metal fixings.

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