Rock those Rails – Railing Code and Safety

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We at Westside love to give ideas and tips on how to improve your home and things inside your home. As we are a decking and waterproofing company, we also do inspections to ensure that, not only your decks are safe and in good condition, but also your stairs.

Rails are often seen as utilitarian and we don’t give a lot of thought to it. Not only is it important for safety reasons, it can add a unique charm to your home. Like most elements of house construction, there are a lot to designs to choose from. Before you choose the design you want, be sure you are aware of the railing codes.

Deck Railing

You can create a balustrade that reflects the architectural theme of your home in a host of different materials such as wood, metal, glass or composites. It’s all about finding the right look to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

If you would like to have your stairs and railing inspected to be sure that they pass the railing codes and that you are safe from any accidents and damage, call us at 310 994 4626 or email us at We service the Los Angeles area, as well as surrounding areas.