Protecting Your Deck In Wintertime

Posted on Posted in Deck Maintenance

Many homeowners are concerned with how to protect their gorgeous decks during winter. Fortunately, if you have had your deck sealed then all you have to do during the winter is some regular basic debris cleaning. However, if you haven’t had your deck sealed, winter is not the best time to do this. You CAN call on Westside Company, a professional decking contractor in the Los Angeles area to do deck maintenance for you during these cold months. Our phone number is 310 994 4626 or you can shoot us an e-mail at


You can also take care of your deck by doing the following:

  • Remove debris such as branches, leaves, and dirt.
  • Brush off any ice or snow that has accumulated on the deck surface.
  • When spring arrives, make sure to have your deck sealed by Westside Company.

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