Improper Waterproofing may Lead to a Lawsuit

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An article from states: β€œIn September 2015, a property owners association in Central Ohio is claiming compensation for inadequate waterproofing in all seventy-four condominiums on their complex.


Until recently, owners of the condominiums at Villas at Northstar in Westerville, Ohio, were happy with their spacious properties. Built in 2005, the condominiums are clustered in three or four-unit buildings in a quiet and picturesque neighborhood located east of the I-71.


However, two years ago, owners started noticing water dripping from windows and down the walls. The Property Owners Association hired construction experts to inspect the properties, who found that flashing, ice shields, roofing paper, shingles, and weather resistant barriers had been improperly installed. Faults in the application of stucco were also discovered.


The Association then sought legal advice and filed a claim for compensation for inadequate waterproofing – claiming that the blackened framing and rotting sheathing caused by water intrusion gave long-term concerns for the structural integrity of the buildings.”


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