How to Keep Decks Looking New

Posted on Posted in Deck Maintenance

As a homeowner, you would love to keep every part of your home looking new for as long as possible. Don’t forget your deck. It is a part of the house that makes it home. Some things to remember to keep your deck look good as it did when newly built:

  • Make sure that you clear your deck as often as possible from water, ice, snow, and leaves.
  • If you have a barbecue, put protection to keep grease off of your deck.
  • Put an awning or a tree to give your deck some shade.
  • Rinse your deck occasionally so dirt doesn’t get ground into the wood.
  • Move furniture, pots, plants, barbecues, toys, and other objects around so the deck gets weathered at an even rate.
  • Don’t wait too long before waterproofing your deck. Decks can be ruined quickly if they are ignored.

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