Balcony Repairs for Mother’s Day

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balcony repairs

Let your mother enjoy her special day on the balcony, get those balcony repairs done ahead of time!

Mother’s day is a very special day there’s no doubt about that. Every year people around the world celebrate this day to thank moms. This time of the year is celebrated through specials dinners, lunches, gifts, and even trips. For some they like to have a nice family dinner at the house on the deck or balcony. For those who are planning on hanging out on the balcony, you should consider doing some balcony repairs ahead of time. Inspect your balcony for any needed repairs. Here, we give you some things that you could probably get fixed up to prepare for mother’s day.

1. Broken Floor Boards – this is one of the most common problems with balconies and decks. This is what you should regularly check and maintain. The floor boards are exposed to wind, rain, snow, ice and other elements which causing it to┬ádeteriorate much faster. Replacing boards is really easy. Find the ones that need to be replaced and replace them with new ones.

2. Peeling Paint – sometimes DIY painting doesn’t last as long as it would be if a professional did it. There are a lot of new paints that are way better than they were years ago but professionals know how to paint the right way, so it lasts. If you are experiencing peeling paint and you don’t want to mess with repainting it yourself, you can call a contractor such as us to do it for you.

Westside is a professional decking and waterproofing company that services in the greater Los Angeles area, Long beach, South bay, Hermosa Beach, Orange County and many other surrounding areas. Call us at 310 994 4626 for an appointment to get your balcony repairs done in time for Mother’s Day!