Balcony or a Deck?

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The time has finally arrived when you are able to build your own home and you’ve decided to put in an outdoor living area. If you had to choose one, would you want a balcony or a deck?

Obviously, a balcony is situated on the higher floors of the house. That being said, you will have a bird’s eye view of your neighborhood giving your home that wow factor and will allure you and others to spend time in the balcony. Unfortunately, balconies are oftentimes small and there are more details to be mindful of to make your balcony safe.

A deck gives you more space. It is easier to maintain. It is safer as it is on ground level though you still have to make occasional check-ups for safety. It is also more likely that nature will impede on a deck i.e. overgrown plants, bugs, and the weather. There are steps you can take though to lessen these.

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