Balcony Collapse In Berkeley Caused By Dry Rot

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Balcony Collapse Caused by Dry Rot

Officials are set to confirm that the cause of the balcony collapse in Berkeley where 6 students fell to their deaths was from dry rot. The owners of the building were warned of a problem 20 months before this awful event took place. An inspection was done in September of 2013 and dry rot in the apartment was found. There was a follow-up inspection a couple months after and a certificate of compliance was given to the building owners for addressing the problem. A lot of complaints were filed against this building for it’s condition and the management were slow to address such complaints. One council member said that this building received more complaints than any other newer building downtown, even older building that were built over 50 years ago.

Now getting to the question, “How can this be avoided and what needs to be done?” this is a question that should and will be asked by many. If you spot any possible signs of dry rot and damage to flooring, balconies and the such be sure to call an inspector to see what needs to be repaired and get a contractor to take care of the repairs. No one wants a tragedy like this to happen that is why it’s very important to follow the state codes and guidelines when it comes to maintenance, inspections and repairs. If you have waterproofing problems a problem like this will soon arise and will cause damage, that is why you should call a professional at the very first sign of rot/damage.

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