Avoid Balcony Collapse With Proper Deck Maintenance

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Just recently, six were killed due to a balcony collapse in Berkeley. These that were killed were students that were attending a birthday party. They were on the balcony when it gave way due to possible rot. Officials haven’t yet concluded if it was due to wood rot caused by water damage to the supporting wood of the balcony but the investigation is still ongoing. 2 other balconies in the building were ordered demolished because they are unsafe and could also collapse. A memorial service was planned for Wednesday evening in nearby Oakland, with victims’ relatives travelling from the Irish Republic to California.

Some may ask what to do in order to avoid balcony collapse. Well, it’s very important and even required by law that balconies have regular maintenance and inspections. You have to stay on top of it to insure safety to all those who use it. Nobody wants a balcony collapse or other balcony damages that is why you need to make sure your building, home, and others that have a balcony are inspected regularly. Westside Company provides professional and expert deck maintenance and inspections. We provide this for those in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding suburbs and towns.

To get an expert opinion on any repair/fixes that would be needed on your deck/balcony, we can give you a free quote. Call us today at 310 994 4626 for a free quote and inspection.