Avoid Balcony Collapse: Hire a Balcony Contractor to Inspect

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On March 18, 2015, a 2-year-old girl was killed when an under-construction balcony collapsed at their neighbor’s house on Monday afternoon. Her 2 teenage aunts were also injured due to the balcony collapse. Officials from the fire department rushed to the scene to begin a rescue operation. They managed to pull out the 2 from under the debris and all 3 were rushed to the hospital. The 2 aunts were treated while the 2-year-old didn’t make it due to injuries. According to the police, this is because of negligence on the homeowner’s part and a case was filed against him. He has yet to be arrested, according to officials.

If you are currently having your balcony built and is still under-construction, make sure that the surroundings are blocked off and that the area is safe so that no one will get hurt in case of a sudden balcony collapse. If you would like to have your balcony inspected to see if there is any need of repair to avoid a balcony collapse, Westside is here to help.

Westside Company is a professional balcony contractor that can assist you with balcony repairs, maintenance and inspections to avoid a balcony collapse.  We offer a wide range of balcony services in the greater Los Angeles area as well as other surrounding areas. Call us today to know more (310) 994 4626.