4 Tips on Deck Staining that will Help You

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Maybe you’re wondering if you should stain your deck or not. Well, if you are thinking about it and you want to go ahead and do it, here are 4 tips to getting the job done right.

  1. Be sure to take your time – With every step of the staining process, take your time. When the project is completed and your tools are cleaned and put away, nothing will have had a greater impact on the quality of the job.
  2. Be sure to prepare everything – Preparation is key to the final results. All wood needs to be well cleaned before staining, whether it’s a brand-new deck or an older deck that’s been out in the weather and needs to be re-stained.
  3. Be sure to stay away from the cheap stuff – Now that the deck is clean and dry, it’s ready to be stained. Before you decide which stain to buy, keep in mind that you always get what you pay for. Better ingredients cost more money. If you expect premium results, then you’ll need to buy a premium product.
  4. Be sure to maintain the beauty of your work – A small amount of effort can keep your deck looking great longer. Just as you would wash the dirt off of your car, you should wash down the surface of your deck occasionally to keep leaves and dirt from damaging the finish. If the deck stain starts to show signs of graying or loses its color, it can be easily cleaned up with a little wood brightener and a light maintenance coat of stain.

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