4 Steps to Take Care of your Steps

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This season brings a whole new set of challenges and considerations regarding caring for your hardwood staircase and keeping it looking good as new.


The rain can make it a soggy puddle inside. If left unattended, excess water can warp wood. Dry leaves, winter precipitation and salt that get tracked into the house add up to a lot of excess debris on your stairs throughout the fall and winter months. These particles, as minuscule as they may seem, can scratch the protective finish and damage your tread.


Step 1 – Remove shoes before going inside the house or going upstairs.


Step 2 – Put more rugs around your house to decrease moisture and debris. Make sure there are rugs inside and outside your exterior doors as well as at the foot of the stairs.


Step 3 – Train your pet to sit when they come inside the door so you can wipe their paws of unwanted mud, particles, and moisture.


Step 4 – Clean the stairs twice as often as you did before to clean out particles that may have been dragged in from outside.



take care of your steps


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