3 Things to Check before Buying a Home

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Buying a home is no joke, and sad to say, many have regretted buying a home because they failed to check some of the main areas. When buying a home, yes you consider the look and age of the home and of course the price. But there are some things that you need to check before buying a home. These 3 things to check before buying a home are very important and they may possibly save you from headaches and unwanted expenses down the road.

1. Check the balcony for sign of damage – a lot of balconies are extensions of the house and with them like that, their support comes from the house. If the home you plan on buying has a balcony make sure you check if there are any support beams and if they have a footer that they are connected to. Make sure that the beams aren’t cracked, broken or rotting. If the beams have any damage or look like they are about to give in, think twice because fixing this could cost a fortune. Not fixing a problem like this could result in a collapse.

2. Check the stairs and railings – most homes have a set or two of stairs that have railings as well. Check the stairs and railings for any “wiggle” that they might have. If they “wiggle” that means something is wrong with them and needs fixed.

3. Check the ceilings for any water leaks – if a home has bad waterproofing, there will be signs of leaks and having leaks in a home is not something anybody looks for. Make sure that you check all the ceilings and make sure that there are no leak marks; it would also be good to check the walls too.

These 3 things are simple checks but making sure that the house you plan on buying is safe in these areas will save you down the road. You don’t want to find yourself spending for sudden repairs soon after buying a home. You can also read the Home Inspection Handbook as well for more insight.

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